Svetlana De Galván

Svetlana De Galván

Patient Demographics: Adult

"The beauty and good looks of both women and men are fundamental to their full well-being.
Helping my patients to achieve healthy bodies and faces has become one of my top priorities in my field of work.
My goal with each treatment is to make my patients look even better and feel good about themselves."

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Cosmetologist, Russian beautician, recognized nationally and with a long history in the field of beauty and health. Trained in the field of aesthetic medicine with certifications awarded by the best schools and congresses of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine in France, Spain, Russia, the United States, Germany, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia.

Currently, I am still engaged in the field of cosmetology, teaching, advising and helping dozens of women and men to achieve faces and healthy bodies.


Pyccĸий, Español